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"The historical activity
of Openminded"

Security infrastructures represent the historical activity of Openminded and the expertise that we have built overtime on the key market solutions position us today as a key player in service in this segment. However, since its creation and the advent of the first SaaS security solutions, Openminded has always accompanied the companies in their transformation to the cloud.


Having a strategy of end-to-end support, our Cloud & Infrastructure BU experts infrastructure involved both upstream on the project owner and downstream on the project manager. 


We thus support our customers on “classic” on-premises infrastructure themes but also and increasingly on security solutions of and in the Cloud.

From leading integration projects
to deploying and securing Cloud solutions

You may be required to lead integration projects on a wide range of technologies or projects to deploy and secure solutions related to Cloud needs.


Depending on your aspirations, you will be able to stay in the world of pure technology by moving to positions :

  • Technical experts (advising and supporting our customers on their technical issues)
  • security architects (studying and defining changes in our customers’ infrastructures)

Or to evolve in the direction of more functional positions by directing you towards: 

  • the project manager (management of security projects)
  • the service delivery manager in the Service Center (ensuring the interface with customers)

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