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Often considered as the cornerstone of cybersecurity
the security policy is at the heart of the functional themes covered by CISO.

Indeed, the particularity of the BU is above all to be focused on the functional integration of cybersecurity.

Therefore, it mostly covers organizational matters such as the implementation of a risk management strategy based on the classification of information, the definition of organizational identity and access management processes, the implementation of awareness-raising, or even security with suppliers.

BU consultants are there to assist CISO in the development, implementation, and management of its cybersecurity strategy. This is a specificity that leads our consultants to interact more with the business contacts and managers who are decision-makers in terms of risk, less so in the other BUs

Functional security missions
that may be offered to you:

A functional cybersecurity consultant must master the fundamentals: ISO 27001 and 27005 standards, audit practices, GDPR and information system security principles. 

In addition to the support in terms of training and skills development, your tasks will develop your experience.


For a junior functional consultant (up to 2 years of experience after school):

  • Support for businesses to integrate security into projects.
  • Policy review, risk analysis, writing simple procedures
  • Auditing internal compliance or simple regulatory
  • Comparative studies of security solutions
  • Sensitization


For a senior consultant (between 2 and 6 years of experience):

  • ISSP writing
  • Development of risk analysis
  • Autonomous internal or regulatory compliance audits
  • Definition of functional processes of cybersecurity
  • Monitoring and management of cybersecurity through dashboards

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