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"Security policy:
the cornerstone of cybersecurity"

Often considered as the cornerstone of cybersecurity, the security policy is at the heart of the functional themes covered by the CISO: Functional audits, risk analyzes, security management, security support in projects… are typically the topics we address through our support offer.

Given the strong link that exists between these functional themes and identity management, we have chosen to propose, with the Governance & Identities BU, a pragmatic approach to the fundamentals of cybersecurity. We are thus able to provide a functional and operational vision of identity management so that it serves security policy while meeting business challenges

Openminded is one of the qualified information systems security audit providers (PASSI)
for the following scopes:

Architecture audit

Source code audit

Intrusion tests

Organizational & physical audit


To Identify

  • Governance, WSIS expertise, risk management
  • PASSI organizational and physical audits
  • Regulatory compliance (GDPR, LPM…)
  • Identity management

To Protect

  • Sensitization

To Restore

  • Support for crisis management

Governance & identity
Our partners

Some of our references :

Overhaul of the security governance framework for a major player in distribution

Risk analysis for companies in the aeronautics sector

Support for a public sector company in the development of its awareness program