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A Business Unit that ensures
the MOC & MCS of its customers.

The evolution of MOC practices towards outsourcing is becoming more and more evident for most companies. However, if massive outsourcing allows addressing a majority of needs, it often indicates otherwise for security solutions. Given the criticality of these infrastructures and the fact that they also have protection purposes to third parties including partners, more and more customers would like to entrust the MOC of security equipment to an expert French player or “reinternalize” these peripherals through technical assistance.


Through its expertise, our BU operations ensure precisely to our customers not only the MOC (24/7) but also the MCS (maintenance in security condition) of the solutions, while guaranteeing the efficiency of the company’s security systems. These services are either carried out from our Paris premises (Service Center), or customers’ premises (Technical Assistance).


To protect

  • Operational management of security solutions (MOC and MCS 24/7)

To reply

  • Mobilization of experts on critical incidents

To restore

  • Reliability of infrastructure
  • Support for crisis management

Our partners

Some of our references:

Security infrastructure management for a transport player

MCO & MCS in 24/7 industrial IS security for an energy player

Design, deployment and support of mobile infrastructure for an actor in the industry

Technical expertise Firewall and Proxy Saas for a player in the food industry