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The evolution of the threat and of the protection strategy for companies
have developed gradually in recent years.

The use of offensive security services which allows assessing the robustness of its IS as well as defensive security support through monitoring services (SOC) and/or incident response (CERT) services are nowadays essentials.

In a “Purple Team” logic, these different disciplines were combined together within the “Offensive and Defensive Security” BU to complete the security posture :

. Detection devices (SEIM / SOC)

. Response to incidents and forensics

. Technical audits / Red Team

. Vulnerability management

. Development security (SAST)

The moment when Blue Team & Red Team

Whether you are looking to protect upstream businesses by helping them secure their developments and eliminate vulnerabilities, or downstream by monitoring their systems and responding to them in the event of an incident, the Offensive & Defensive Security BU will allow you to put your skills at the service of our customers.

You will be able to carry out your assignments from our premises for our flat benefit (audit, integration, etc.) and our managed services (outsourced SOC, Vulnerability Management) or from our customers’ premises for delegation assignments (internalized SOC, permanent audits, etc.): whichever the mode of intervention, your Team Leaders will challenge you to help you to grow and to gain expertise.

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