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& defensive security

The evolution of the threat and the protection strategy for companies
have developed gradually in recent years.

The use of offensive security services which allows assessing the robustness of its IS as well as defensive security support through monitoring services (SOC) and/or incident response (CERT) services are nowadays essentials.

In a “Purple Team” logic, these different disciplines were combined within the “Offensive and Defensive Security” BU to complete the security posture:

. Detection devices (SEIM / SOC)

. Response to incidents and forensics

. Technical audits / Red Team

. Vulnerability management

. Development security (SAST)

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Openminded has its certified CERT

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Openminded is now part of the Qualified Information System Security Audit Providers, for the following scopes:

  • Organizational and physical audit
  • Architecture audit
  • Source code audit
  • Intrusion tests

Openminded is one of the leading providers that can assist cyber-malware victims.

It is a national assistance system for victims of cyber-malevolence acts set up in 2017 by Public Interest Group (GIP) Action Against Cyber Malware (ACYMA):



To Identify

  • Technical audits
  • Vulnerability management

To Protect

  • Consulting & implementation of security solutions
  • Technical awareness and training

To Detect

  • Security Operation Center (SOC)
  • Threat Intelligence & / Monitoring

To Reply

  • Incident Response (CSIRT)
  • Forensic investigations

To Restore

  • Support for crisis management

Offensive & défensive security
Our partners

Some of our references:

SOC operated 24/7 with PCI-DSS compliance of a banking player

Design and construction of a SOC, CSIRT expertise for a player in business services

Integration of a tool and support on secure development for a player in mass retail

PASSI audit on a critical application for a transport player