Everything arises from opportunity! We offer our collaborators all the required assistance for their career evolution, whether it is for management aspects or pre-sales ones in terms of expertise on a mission in rich and varied contexts. OPMD reflect the teamwork spirit where sharing is the focal point, by making available collaborative sharing tools, nomination of technical referents, workshops organization and internal training.



Sens of belonging is our priority, and proximity management is the key. Every OPMD manager is responsible for a limited number of consultants, allowing them to regularly follow up and be on the lookout. The size of our company and our organization allow avoiding any glass ceiling effect, this makes sense in the corporate life and through different events like OPM’Day or other business party.


Means & Mobilization

If we commit ourselves on results to our customers, we mainly commit to provide means to our collaborators on various aspects:
Hardware (smartphone, laptop, etc.), Communication tools (Google apps, social network, etc.), Training plan, Proposition of certified training, Internal training and technical workshops, Organization of technical referents, Transport (100% travel cost refund)



OPMD diversity can take many forms. Clients and missions variety according to the collaborator’s wishes and expertise. Jobs variety allowing to offer evolution in the collaborator’s career (technical expertise, project management, architecture, functional security). By signing the Corporate Diversity Charter, we reflect of our engagement and awareness on non-discrimination principle, cultural and ethnic diversity.

We recruit

Because our company grows alongside its skilled resources, we are constantly looking for profiles

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