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We could have said here that we have placed “the human at the center of the system” that at Openminded “benevolence is a fundamental value” or even that, the journey at Openminded is idyllic… but honestly, is that what you want to read about Openminded?

As we are a little pragmatic, we thought that you would prefer to know how it goes in real life ... make an assessment on the concrete and not fine words.

Our HR &
Managerial fundamentals


It is not easy to be the “new” in his job, and a collaborator who feels welcome in his new business will develop more quickly. Based on this principle, onboarding is a major challenge for us.

This is a particular moment as it is the first contact with the company just after the recruitment phase.

Our integration process has been built by our consultants in order to allow everyone to feel quickly integrated into the Openminded family… and if this is not enough, as you will be able to see for yourself, you will always have someone from Openmided at your side to facilitate your integration!


Managerial proximity and follow up of employees is an essential point of the Openminded organization. Each Openminded manager supports a relatively limited number of consultants (on average 5), which allows ensuring close monitoring. We train our managers so that they can support their employees throughout their journey and that they help them progress in their skills and knowledge.


Diversity is essential and important to us, and we contribute to it on a daily basis. Here are a few scores to clarify our unwavering commitment!

In 2020, our index is at 84/100, and for each of the  following themes, the corresponding results:

  • Compensation Gap : we are proud to have obtained a score of 39/40
  • Pay raise Gap : flawless score of 35/35
  • Pay raise Gap following a maternity leave : we were given the score of 0/15, which is explained by the misalignment between the annual pay raise dates and the maternity leave periods 
  • Number of employees of the “under-represented” sex (ie, for OPMD, women, who are in fewer numbers than men) among the 10 highest salaries : a number that gives us a faultless 10/10 ! 

We follow an annual action plan to discuss, collectively, our gender equity developments and areas for improvement, with the aim of being a recognized socially responsible company.


The field of cybersecurity is constantly evolving and today’s businesses may no longer be available tomorrow… This has shaped Openminded’s HR policy since its creation and internal mobility is an integral part of our strategy.

Rather than seeing collaborators who appreciate the Openminded framework but want to change their specialty, we do our best to allow internal developments within Openminded… and there are many examples of changes in business units or even changes in profession!


It is now clear that employee training is a strategic issue for any cybersecurity service company.

In early 2019, we, therefore, launched an ambitious project to develop a training offer, first internally and then externally, across all of our specialist areas. Our goal is to allow everyone to benefit from a complete offer adapted to their learning preferences, by relying on several typologies of resources.

Besides, since skills acquisition does not only involve training, our consultants participate fairly regularly in conferences (FIC, BotConf, Hack.lu …) and are encouraged to offer interventions during the latter