Consulting & Expertise

Humans after all

General consulting companies and big service providers drudge to attract security specialists. These professionals are seeking recognition of their expertise and a challenging working environment, where they can share among themselves and continue to develop this expertise so sought by our clients.

This search for the “ideal” working environment often ends on medium specialized companies able to provide them with the wanted daily challenges but also able to listen to them and offer them ideal working conditions.

In order to maintain our collaborators’ expertise, we commit to provide the necessary tools to develop their skills for instance: training plan, communication tools in order to share knowledge, introduction of technical managers or internal training sessions.

A little more expertise

Which expert operational manager never complained about not finding competent profiles, corresponding to his requirement level and having necessary expertise?

At its debut, OPMD wished above all to answer this need through the creation of a “consulting & expertise” offer in network and security. Since 2008, we have never stopped developing a virtuous circle of skill improvement and today we assist large accounts, in skill delegation mode as well as in fixed-price mode.

In order to provide the pragmatic expertise expected by our customers, we recruit open minded consultants, specialists in their competence area. Thus, we consider necessary that even functional profiles have sufficient technical background to talk with project’s specialists. The OPMD technical expert is not a withdrawn geek: He’s above all a passionate who wants to do his bit and support operational and project teams as well as solution design. All of our consultants have the OPMD approach as a common factor: Pragmatism, Responsiveness and Efficiency. They can exchange periodically about their expertise at various internal workshops, with the goal to ensure knowledge sharing to keep our strengths of agile organization.

Yes, procurement departments are our friends

One of the major obstacles that OPMD experienced in the beginning, like many small and independent organizations, was to be referenced in large groups.

Our desire has always been to work directly with our clients to avoid all problems issued by outsourcing. After years of growth, we now only work directly with our clients, with whom we have been able to establish a real partnership, including with the procurement teams.

Our niche positioning, as well as our competitive prices on the expertise offered, allowed us to convince the major decision-makers we’ve been working with, and often a referencing in “specialized field” that relieves operational managers and enable us to work in the best conditions.