Go away, box pushers!

Integration activity was started a few years ago after the request of some of our clients for whom we realized other missions, especially in consulting area, and who were looking for an expert service combined with solutions resale. Tired of some integrators taking reselling as an end in itself, we decide to offer our vision of integration business: value add service.
The position of our company and the collaborators’ high level of expertise represent, for our clients, an attracting alternative to theirs usual integrators: following on from our “service”approach, we offer a tailor-made service.

Cloudophiles: Yes we are !

As you can well imagine, for OPMD, the position must be “Striking”: we are not afraid to take positions. Thus for several years now, we strongly support the Cloud, not only for our business (security solutions in SaaS mode) but also for your business’ clients, into a coherent frame. We have made securing cloud access one of our major specialty, with solutions mature enough to allow a true assistance to business (SeCaaS, CASB…)

Partnerships that look like us

Even if some of our partners are big structures well established, we prefer most often companies which look like us:
ones offering innovative solutions, responding to market needs and with whom we share values and a common objective. With the goal of always offering more services to our clients, we chose a selected panel of partners in order to maintain an excellent level of expertise, and a true proximity with the editors’ technical and commercial teams.