Security Operations Center

OPMD takes care of everything

After several years of MSSP market evaluation and providing security analysis expertise through internalized SOC, OPMD chose to develop its own SOC to answer clients’ needs for managed services. Who has never heard of labyrinthine and financial abyss for security events monitoring projects?

Market solutions allowing events correlation and analysis were very expensive, complex to maintain and very difficult to evolve,

Only very big players offered a SOC service (outsourcing or service provider).

As a result, OPMD wished to offer a different approach with a btailor-made service model associated to the best market technologies.

Towards a SOC 2.0 ?

Such as currently defined and designed, the SOC is essentially based on the client’s internal infrastructures, and direct threats. With growing development of SECaaS and SaaS offers, the issues are now on the outside of the company, and globally affect the entire internet.

Thus OPMD wished to add a CASB offer to his SOC offer: In partnership with one of the market’s leader, we currently offer coverage of the main market SaaS applications and we integrate the monitoring of those applications within our SIEM.

Our strengths

Our expertise on best SIEM technologies (Splunk, Logpoint, Qradar).

Our control of security/network infrastructures elements (FW, Proxy, IPS, Antimalware, « Anti-APT », etc.).

Our continuous technology watch through our official CERT™.