• 11 rue horus
    59491 Villeneuve d'Ascq
  • (+33) 3 66 72 58 78

Why an agency in Lille?

Openminded began operating in Paris in 2008 with the aim to bring out a new independent player in IT security.
After several years of strong growth, Openminded has seen the interest to make a regional development in north of France.

Located between three major cities such as Paris, Brussels and London, the “Hauts de France” is a dynamic region. This is the context for economic development that many major players have settled in the region, mainly in the field of distribution, logistics, industry and finance.

Our local presence with dedicated teams today allows us to offer customers in the region while the expertise of Openminded with responsiveness.

The milestones in the construction of the agency

  • Arrival of the first consultant
  • The first regional customer
  • Official opening of the office in a business center with 3 consultants on site
  • 4 client portfolio on the region
  • Moving to Villeneuve d’Ascq
  • Reinforcement of staff with a dedicated sales team and two new consultants
  • The team will count 10 persons by the end of 2017